This is how the last hours of Pampita’s pregnancy are

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Pampita's husband shows how the baby they are expecting "wants to escape"

The model talked about the expected birth of her first daughter with her husband, Roberto García Moritán.

Pampita Ardohain is counting down the minutes to meet her first daughter with her husband, Roberto García Moritán. And is that the 43-year-old model’s probable due date is July 22, although the baby could reach the world at any time.

Meanwhile, Argentina continues with its obligations, at the head of its program Pampita Online and as a jury in The academy, the talent show of ShowMatch.

“They could be the last or not, let’s see what happens,” explained the model to the Argentine media Teleshow, although he clarified that “the bag I have ready for a long time, I prepared it with time.”

However, Pampita maintains that she will work until the last day that she can. “Let’s see where the contractions start, I’m sure they’ll find me working.”

About the delivery, the model denied the rumors that the birth was to be in water. “I am going to do something traditional, with anesthesia, hopefully it will be natural delivery, but if it has to be caesarean section due to a medical situation, it will be like that,” the model revealed, adding that the baby will be born in a clinic.

“They are choices, it is good that each woman can choose how she wants to go through her childbirth, that there are a lot of options and I respect those who choose the other very much.” He also stressed that he wants “it to be a magical moment, that the connection be respected and that I can have in my chest as long as possible after I am born; they are very, very small things, but they are meaningful to me for that moment. “.

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