This is how Tom Cruise prepared for the risky scene of Mission Impossible 7

This is how Tom Cruise prepared for the risky scene of Mission Impossible 7

In the 90’s, Mission Impossible hit theaters and began to fly the figure of Tom Cruise as an action icon. Over time, the artist and the saga grew hand in hand and fed back their names to the level they have today. Thinking about the action genre immediately leads to figures like that of Cruise, which showed that he is not afraid of anything and that in each project he seeks to improve himself.

It didn’t take long for Tom Cruise’s jump to go viral. (IMDb)

Tom Cruise in each film he tries to bring into play everything that is known about physics. Whether shooting a shot in zero gravity or jumping from the highest ceilings, the artist who stars Mission Impossible he is not afraid of anything at all. But what will be seen in the seventh film of the franchise will break all the molds.

Last year a news item was released in which it was seen how Tom Cruise He threw himself into a vacuum on a motorcycle, and then released a parachute in what appears to be one of the most risky sequences of the saga. The images were shared on social networks and went around the world, to demonstrate once again that nothing is impossible for this actor.

In the context of CinemaCon that takes place this week, some exclusive images of what will be the seventh film of Mission Impossible. With them, it was also confirmed how difficult it was for Tom Cruise prepare for this movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the scene took a year of training for the actor who was very clear that nothing could go wrong.

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According to the aforementioned media, the twelve months of training included 500 parachute jumps and 13,000 motorcycle jumps. The sequence was filmed in a valley in Norway, and the event showed various footage of what it took to prepare for this issue. However, at the end of the video seen, the director of the film, Christopher McQuarrie, redoubled the bet: “The only thing that scares me more is what we have planned for Mission Impossible 8.

McQuarrie’s legacy in Mission Impossible

While the first of the Mission Impossible will always be remembered because she was the one that gave the world the version of Ethan Hunt As is known today, the tapes that followed were not as well received. A filmmaker like Christopher McQuarrie to give this franchise one more life, which seems to be as much his as Tom Cruise.

The director was in charge of the last two films of Mission Impossible who came to the cinema, Rogue Nation, in 2015, and Fallout, in 2018. Between the two films of the franchise, more than 1.3 billion dollars were raised, which gave the studio enough confidence to give it the reins of Mission Impossible 7 and 8 to McQuarrie.

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