This is how Tom Hiddleston stays fit for his role as Loki!

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Tom Hiddleston prepared himself thoroughly for his role as Loki in the series that presents Disney+. Of course, it is not easy to be an Asgardian god and above all to have a brother Thor. That did not stop the actor from deciding to get in shape with a rigorous diet and exercises of the British Special Forces. In this way, character He acquired the presence that the creatives of the show and its protagonist desired.

The truth is that Hiddleston started training when he was preparing for the film Kong: Skull Island. He then explained: “I was trained by an American Navy Seal and two British Royal Marines”. His daily routine consisted of getting up at 4:00 AM and doing all kinds of exercises: running, jumping, lifting weights. It was all part of the plan that he repeated three to five times a week.

Tom Hiddleston’s training for Loki

Of course, so much movement is useless if you don’t pay attention to your diet. In that sense, the interpreter also takes great care. Hiddleston does not drink alcohol, he ruled out fats and sugary drinks. What do you eat? vegetables, potatoes and boiled chicken. I hope I have a “allowed” between so much discipline …

Your training begins with Yoga-based warm-ups and passes between 800 and 1600 meters. Then continue with dumbbell chest exercises, bench presses, lunges, squats, and tricep kicks. Force Tom!

It is clear that so much effort paid off appreciating the physical condition that he shows Loki en Disney+. While his brother Thor would surely take the jackpot at a weigh-in, the God of Deception He reached a stringy physique that will be the envy of many fans of his series.

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