This is how you can make and create entries for the 2021 Christmas Lottery Draw

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The semiconductor crisis, the stupidly absurd prices of electricity, the energy crisis that has caused the above … Christmas 2021 is going to be recessive and we know it, for this reason and like last year, it may be that 20 euros, which costs a tenth of the Christmas Lottery, does not mean much for some people, but it does for others.

How to search for a specific number of the Christmas Lottery 2021 on the Internet

That is why many families have decided to buy a tenth of the 2021 Christmas Lottery among several and distribute what they touch. Although there is also another option such as Participations, an alternative widely used in business, associations and groups of friends.

Itself is about share a legal tenth through a series of entries or ballots not issued by the organizer of the draw, and if he hits that tenth, everyone who has bought a share will win a share of the prize.

Create Lottery Entries

It must be borne in mind that the participation ballot itself It is not issued by a regular Lottery distributor, so it does not entitle you to collect anythingInstead, it is the person who has the tenth winner who must collect it and act as payer for those who bought the ballots. Who owns the receipt or the tenth awardee can go and collect the prize.

Therefore, an effective way to avoid potential disputes or misunderstandings is to get everything in writing. As recommended by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), photocopies should be made of the front and back of the lottery ticket or ticket that is shared.

Each participant should keep a signed copy specifying who participates, who guards the receipt (name and ID), what receipts or tickets are shared and in which draws it is played. It is important to specify the data that makes the tickets or tickets unique and the amount each member has played with. These are all the data that a receipt or tenth should include:

  • The game – yes it is La Primitiva, Euromillions, Bonoloto, or in this case Christmas lottery
  • Selected numbers or number of the tenth
  • Number assigned for Reimbursement (if applicable)
  • Dateparticipation (s)
  • Number of bets
  • Imported of the bet made
  • Numbers of control
  • Date expiration
  • Indicate that the fractionation has been authorized by the State Lottery and Betting agency and include the date of said authorization.
  • Indicate what prizes are taxable according to current law.
  • Indicate the bank entity where the tenths have been deposited.

In the case of sharing a tenth it is essential specify the number, series, fraction, and all relevant data that contains a tenth to be able to identify it correctly, whether it is done physically or online. And the fact is that current technology has made it possible to play a participation in a raffle like Christmas through the Internet, and even share it on WhatsApp.

How to share Christmas Lottery entries on WhatsApp

On the website of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado there is a generator of Christmas Tenths and Lottery Participations that works like this:

  1. Enter this direct link to Generator
  2. Enter in the form your Extraordinary Draw numbers Christmas Lottery
  3. Indicates the amount in Euros to play, cents and decimals are allowed
  4. Create the Tenth
  5. Download the Tenth if you want to have the file on your PC or mobile. You can also send it by email or networks like Twitter and Facebook

Share it on WhatsApp

When you download the tenth in the form of an image, you can share it on WhatsApp. For it:

  1. Create a specific group for the Christmas Giveaway, that there are only the contacts that are going to participate
  2. Send the image so everyone has the number and data they need
  3. Indicates who is the depositary of the decimor, and therefore who will collect the prize if it touches and in charge of distributing it with the others
  4. Save the conversation to a backup and send it to you by email For the record, just as a precautionary measure.

On the Internet there are more tools that allow you to create participations or generate Décimos with your chosen numbers and amount played using almost the same design of the Décimos of the National Lottery this year. You can create your ticket and share it with friends or family.

Basically you have to indicate the ticket number, the serial number, the fraction number and the amount in Euros that is played, given away or shared with each participation. You have additional pages that have these generators to create personalized Christmas cards such as

Of course, you should not forget to buy the original tickets and keep them well stored. The personalized tickets or participations created with any of these tools do not replace the original ones from Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.


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