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Gregorio Pernía, internationally recognized for playing ‘Titi’ in “Sin senos no hay paraíso”, is one of the contestants on the dance reality show “Así se baila”, which is broadcast on Telemundo. The Colombian actor and his daughter Luna will demonstrate their talent on the dance floor every week to convince a strict jury and the public.

“This is how you dance” It premiered on September 12 on Telemundo. The dance competition is led by Jacky Bracamontes and with the participation of Adamari López, Cristian de la Fuente and Mariana Seoane, who are in charge of evaluating each contestant.

At the third gala of ‘Así se Baila’, Gregorio Pernía and his daughter Luna were chosen by the public to continue on the Telemundo reality show, while Kimberly Jiménez and Yasmany Rodríguez became the first eliminated. But what did the actor from “Sin breasts no paradise” to continue in the competition? Here we tell you.

The third gala of ‘Así Se Baila’ showed the talent of the couples formed by celebrities and their families and friends, at the same time that the advances that each of the contestants are making in this Telemundo dance competition came to light.

However, this third gala also fired his first partner, Kimberly Jiménez and Yasmany Rodríguez. Let us remember that last week they had been in danger of elimination with Gregorio and Luna Pernía, who were chosen by the public.

Yes OK and Luna Pernía were very happy to be able to continue in competition thanks to the votes of the public, the Colombian actor and his eldest daughter were very nervous about the possibility of being eliminated.

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After the third edition of ‘Así Se Baila’ ended, Gregorio Pernía revealed to “La Opinion” what was the tactic he used to be saved and take most of the more than 3 million votes from the public.

“We did a campaign with the public. Followers become friends, they are people who know one’s family, know Valentino, Luna, my children, they are already part of one… They were asked to help us, to give us a push, and it was reflected And I take this opportunity to say a thousand thanks to you for all the support you gave us, and I also have a group of fans, I am 50 years old and with fans ”, explained Pernía to the“ La Opinion ”medium.

However, the remembered ‘Titi’ confessed that he did not have full assurance that they would be the saved of the third gala, so he lived very tense moments with his daughter.

“That was hard, Lunita said her heart was pounding and she could feel it in China and Australia. I think that all these moments are beautiful for her, it is a wonderful experience, and as I said, I want her to have a good time in her life, and to remember it forever, “he added.

Although on this occasion they have been saved, Gregorio Pernía said that both he and his daughter learned the lesson of the mistake that they hope they will never repeat again. That is why the Colombian actor promises to work hard to be able to stay longer in the competition.

“After the fall we hit the song of ‘Mi Niña’, we reflected many times, and I told Lunita that we had to respect all the trades that humans have, more discipline, listen to Antonio, the teacher … they are over, it is incredible that one as an actor, after having made about forty productions, the track is things of respect ”, he affirmed.

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