This is Johan Vásquez in FIFA 22, averages and official ratings of the Genoa player

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FIFA 22 from EA Sports It is undoubtedly one of the most complete titles of this year and its gameplay proposal has sought to make it one of the most realistic in recent years. Part of its attractions within the gaming community is the Career mode and Ultimate Team.

If we decide to play alone, forging a career, however, if we have to play well, we must take care to keep the team well. Hence, if what you are looking for is to form a team with Mexican elements, you may as well make Johan Vasquez, a native of Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico who currently militates in the Genoa from Serie A in Italy.

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A former Puma who can strengthen your central defense

Johan Felipe Vásquez Ibarra, has an average of 71 points, being even above Gavi del FC Barcelona which we recently analyzed in numbers.

In-game it’s worth $ 4,600,000 with a salary of $ 8,400 a month, something to consider if you want to strengthen your center line on defense.

Among the most robust points of this player are energy and interceptions, qualities that are undoubtedly important for a central defender.

All the statistics of Johan Vásquez

Next, we will list its qualities


  • Acceleration: 63
  • Agility: 51
  • Jump: 65
  • Sprint: 68
  • Balance: 64
  • Stamina: 75
  • Reactions: 67


  • Aggression: 66
  • Interceptions: 75
  • Vision: 47
  • Composure: 68
  • Attack Position: 40


  • Ball Control: 60
  • Regattas: 50
  • Free Kick Accuracy: 40
  • Long Pass: 60
  • Defensive Perception: 71
  • Long shots: 25
  • Sweeps: 72
  • Curve: 40
  • Crossing: 62
  • Shots: 30
  • Heading: 73
  • Short Pass: 62
  • Shot Power: 38
  • Entries: 74
  • Voleas: 28
  • Penalties: 45
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