This is Loki’s connection point with Dark and Black Mirror.

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Loki is the new sensation of Disney+. Although it was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, just like WandaVision Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the phenomenon that has generated among fans of Marvel it is really unpublished. Is that the series that has the God of lies as its protagonist has generated hundreds of theories around the script written by Michael Waldron.

The truth is that the screenwriter did talk about the influences that the series has with cult classics such as Blade Runner, Alien Y Metropolis, an iconic film by the Austrian director Fritz Lang 1927. In fact, if we look at the city where the TVA is located, we will see a design very similar to the one used by Lang in that city where the rich live in the upper part and the poor in a kind of underground ghetto.

Now, if we analyze a little more the dialogue between the characters and the plot in more detail, we will find some references or similarities, perhaps, to a very popular series of Netflix. It is about Dark, that epic story created by Baran bo Odar and which ended last year after three exciting but confusing seasons. But it also has some reminiscences to the series created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror. The use of time and its consequences have a certain degree of rapprochement. Here, we tell you all the details.

This is how Loki connects with Dark and Black Mirror

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In the first two episodes of Loki, the series not only introduces us to the characters, but also to the Time Variation Authority (TVA), a kind of agency or organization created by the guardians of time to protect the Sacred Timeline of those individuals who want to sabotage it.

When Loki is captured by the TVA and the Mobius agent It requires you to put yourself at their disposal to find the person who is trying to beat the weather by altering the events and begins a kind of training regarding what they do there. This is where the concept of Nexus events.

The objectives of the Guardians of Time it is to avoid that the different timelines or parallel universes come into conflict, that is, that they come together and generate undue ramifications. The truth is that if this happens, consequential events will inevitably suffer effects. That is why it is so important to take care of the Sacred Timeline.

Now back to the nexus events. These can happen without the TVA having control of them. When an individual or a particular episode carries out these events, it remains within the Timeline, but completely altering everything that was supposed to happen. Loki, occurs with Lady Loki O Sylvie, whom the TVA agents must catch.

And something similar happened in Dark. Remembering the main premise of the Netflix series. A child from the future is taken to the past, modifying, thus creating a serious alteration in the course of subsequent events. At the end of season 3, it is explained that in reality the event that gave rise to the constant repetitions in which the inhabitants of the town of Winden are trapped was caused by a scientist who, in the 70s, lost his son, daughter-in-law and grandson in a traffic accident.

In his sole objective to prevent them from leaving the house at night on a rainy day, the man generates an irreparable alteration in time that causes all the events that are shown in the seasons to occur. When Jonas and Martha finally manage to understand who they are and what they have been living, they act so that the young man and his family do not have that fatal sinister.

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However, its existence that had been triggered by a scientist’s miscalculation vanishes. They, like Mickel, Ulrich, and Noha never really existed. Stopping at Noah, Sylvie’s character somehow seems to recall the tactic Noah used to travel back in time, in season one, where he bragged about being a villain.

On the other hand, the connection of Loki with Black Mirror It only appears in the last minutes of episode 3 when Sylvie confesses to him the TVA agents had a past and that today they are variants. In some way, it may remind us of the special episode of the Netflix series called White Christmas, made by Jon Hamm Y Rafe Spall. The beginning of the episode shows us two men who are living in a cold house in the middle of Christmas.

Matt, played by Jon, tries to gain confidence with Joe by telling him why he is serving a sentence. In a dystopian future, man was dedicated to making “copies” of people’s minds to do the work they did not want to do. The truth is that everything he tells him is an excuse for Joe (Spall) to tell him what happened with his ex-partner’s daughter. All this was a similitude and the Joe who lived in that house was a copy of the real Joe, who refused to talk about what had happened to the girl.

The next chapters of Loki, they will say, but if the entire TVA is made up of variants, maybe this is a simulation programmed by the Time Keepers to get something more out of Loki, than the real Loki (not the one the series shows now. ) is refusing to give them. What do you think?

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