This is Mr. Goxx, the hamster who has learned to invest in cryptocurrencies and make a profit

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You are an expert, or you are in it, of cryptocurrencies, and you want to make money with them. You learn the ins and outs of investing, you are soaked daily with quotes, opportunities, rumors, etc. And in mid-September you achieve a portfolio of $ 300, also achieving that the performance of your fledgling career has risen by 5%.

Not bad, but Mister Goxx has achieved a portfolio of $ 580 and increased its performance by 20% in the same period of time. Have we already said that Mister Goxx is… a Hamster?


No, it’s not December 28 or April’s Fools. We are talking about a real hamster that works by really ‘investing’ in cryptocurrencies and achieving the impossible: Generating more profits than many other professional investors in the popular sector. And it does so from its cage, converted into an office and at the same time a center for buying and selling. Every day, when he walks into the office, a livestream starts on Twitch, and his Twitter account alerts his followers: ‘Mr. Goxx has started a trading session.’

And how do you make your investments? By running on his “wheel of intent”, the hamster selects which cryptocurrency he would like to trade that day, while the wheel turns through the different options. His office floor has two nearby tunnels: one for buying and one for selling. Each time it goes through a tunnel, the electronic devices connected to the floor of its cage complete an operation according to what is chosen. And in the last month he couldn’t have done better.

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Mr. Goxx’s office

Hit more than many experts

Without a doubt, the first month was tough. Mr. Goxx started on June 12 with 326 euros (278 pounds sterling), placing an order from Stellar (XLM). One month and 95 orders later, Goxx Capital had lost 7.3%.

But until September 27, the intrepid operator’s career performance it has risen 19.41%. That outperforms not only major stock markets like the FTSE 100 or the Dow Jones, but also that of supreme investor Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, according to calculations by crypto news site Protos.

And even in the cryptocurrency market itself, Goxx has sometimes come out slightly ahead of Bitcoin, the largest of the currencies.

Ok, where’s the catch?

The people behind Mr. Goxx, a name chosen on purpose -Mt Gox was once the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the planet, until it was compromised and hundreds of thousands of bitcoins stolen- are two Germans who want to stay in it. anonymity and started this as a hobby project during the “Madness of the crown that hit us“. The owner of Mr Goxx, professor and prototyping specialistHe says that he likes to awaken people’s interest in new technologies, sometimes with humor.

The other person involved, a programmer, he’s your best friend since college. And the two, who live hundreds of miles apart, “They met” working remotely at Goxx Capital. Random rodent operations are getting a lot of interest from people, both online and in real life: “Since my hamster took over his business, I have everyone around me asking for more information on this whole cryptocurrency thing. “, the owner of Goxx told BBC News, “especially people who would normally run away if they heard the word ‘blockchain’. “


A ‘smart’ cage

Mister Goxx’s ‘office’ is made almost entirely by hand, except for some code snippets (libraries) that experts have used, and fully automated, using a wide range of technology including software scripts, microcontrollers, single board computers, computer-aided design, 3D printing, laser cutting, etc. .

All of this has resulted in a “quite complex setup “, according to the two friends. Although to be clear, “Goxx Capital is not a real investment company”, and Mr Goxx’s human partners insist on underlining that every tweet that shouldn’t be taken as investment advice.


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