This is Netflix’s new K-Drama that could surpass Love Alarm

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Learn all about the next Korean series that is all the rage in the world and will soon arrive in Latin America.

This is Netflix's new K-Drama that could surpass Love Alarm.
© NetflixThis is Netflix’s new K-Drama that could surpass Love Alarm.

Korean dramas or K-Dramas are one of the most important pieces of the streaming service Netflix in recent years, since there have been several productions that have worked, such as the case of Love Alarm. However, it seems that his reign is close to ending in the next few days when the episodes of Love is like the Chachachá. Know everything about this show!

Love Alarm launched its second season this year, but its fans were puzzled by its future, since to this day it has not been confirmed if it was canceled or if it will have a third installment of chapters. The truth is that the webtoon on which it is based has already come to an end and there is no more material to adapt, but the platform may choose to make more content when seeing its popularity.

+ The New K-Drama That Beats Love Alarm

Love is like the Chachachá is a romantic comedy created by Shin Ha-eun, directed by Yu Je-won and starring Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-ho. It has already been released in part of the world at the end of August this year and It was among the most viewed series of the last month in streaming, after obtaining great criticism from the press, as well as an excellent IMDb score: 9.1 / 10, as opposed to 7.0 / 10 for Love Alarm.

What is this K-Drama about? Yoon Hye-jinAn intelligent and somewhat clumsy person, he opens a dental clinic in the coastal town of Gongjin. Hong Du-sik, unemployed and with odd jobs, he helps everyone in his village. They know each other and are attracted to each other despite being completely opposites. As the chapters pass, we will see how their stories unfold.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha or as it became known in Latin America, Love is like the Chachachá, will hit the screens of the platform’s subscribers in the region next Saturday, October 9. Based on the positive feedback and good reception from different countries, it is expected to rank among the most popular Korean dramas as well as more than Love Alarm.

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