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It is common for most series and movies that are positioned among the trends of streaming platforms, have a great team behind that works to make it happen. Advertisements and strategies become key to attracting attention. However, on many occasions the so-called “word of mouth” and dissemination among users they generate it organically. This is how Wandering Heart earned a place in HBO Max and it is one of the most recommended.

The Argentine feature film is starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, who knew how to stand out in very popular films such as Wild Tales, Black Snow O Pain and glory. He is not alone: ​​he accompanies him very accordingly Miranda de la serna -Heir to the talent of Érica Rivas and Rodrigo de la Serna– and a team that is completed with the performances of Egoes Lloranch, Alberto Ajaka, Iván González, Tuca Andrada and Rodrigo Dos Santos.

How was the project born? With an idea of Leonardo Brezizicki, who directs his second film. It debuted in some cinemas, without commercial projection. But its arrival in streaming spread it throughout Latin America and Spain. It is that its history has to do with such a universal situation in which it is not necessary to know about the cultures of the countries that are mentioned in the film to feel part of it.

On Wandering Heart, Sbaraglia gives life to Santiago, a man who is going through a turning point in his life where emotions are on the surface. He broke up with his partner, his life is full of excesses of all kinds and in turn he is forced to save the relationship with her teenage daughter which he repeatedly checked out for being lost at night gay parties. A combination in which each feeling of the characters comes to the fore.

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The platform itself defines the protagonist of the film as “a man dominated by his demons and his passions who embarks on a desperate and frantic search: love and be loved”. However, it goes even much further than that and that is why HBO Max users do not stop recommending it – with good reason – on social networks.

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