This is the hit series that Netflix already plans to cancel

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When talking about streaming giant, that definition is quickly associated with Netflix. And it is that the decisions of the platform are usually very successful and positioned as the best in the market. However, an action on your catalog will anger a good part of users: there is a teen series very successful you are about to be canceled after of the seasons very well received by the public.

Is about Outer Banks, the fiction created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate y Shannon Burke who presented 20 episodes in total and that they were enough to conquer the spectators. The story takes place on an island of rich and poor, in which the adolescent John B. He convinces his three best friends to search for a legendary treasure related to his father’s disappearance. However, the strip could have its end much sooner than expected.

The news is not yet confirmed and the possibility of a third season is still valid. But what surprised his followers is that the original series had its launch on July 30. Since then, the red N has not issued any news about the production and at no time did it refer to a renewal as it usually does a few days after the premiere of a new installment.

While some rumors indicate that the third season is in full production with the idea of ​​starting its filming in the first months of 2022, many others assure that the end of Outer Banks was issued and the decision to cancel it is final and will have no turning back. Beyond the plot of the series, the surprise lies in their figures: both launches were very positive on the platform and positioned it among the trends.

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The cast has yet to comment. Fans do not stop sharing their opinion on social networks about the theory that it is canceled, while the cast members have not commented. The thing is Chase Strokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey y Jonathan Daviss, among other protagonists, preferred to keep the answer secret until Netflix announces what will happen to Outer Banks.

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