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This is the list of the members of the new Executive of Pedro Sánchez

The Prime Minister and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, has designed a Federal Executive Commission (CEF) of 42 people, in which the integration of six of its new ministers stands out, an important generational change, with an average age of 47 years -10 less than the previous one-, and a presence of 60% of women. In addition, only 12 of the leaders of the current Executive repeat.

Regarding the territorial distribution, the federation with the most representatives in the new direction of the PSOE is Andalusia, with a total of nine, followed by Madrid, which will have six. The PSC and Castilla y León will have four members each, the Canary Islands will add three, the Basque Country and Castilla-La Mancha, two each and the rest of the communities will have a representative, as will Ceuta.

Specifically, the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, as secretary for the Constitutional Reform and New Rights will be part of the new hard core of Sánchez in Ferraz; the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, as Secretary of Health and Consumption; that of Science, Diana Morant, as secretary of Science, Research and Universities; and as members, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero; that of Territorial Policy and spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez; and that of Education, Pilar Alegría.

The list is as follows:

    1. President: Cristina Narbona Ruiz (Madrid).
    2. General Secretary: Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón (Madrid).
    3. Deputy Secretary General: Adriana Lastra Fernández (Asturias).
    4. Organization Secretary: Santos Cerdán León (Navarra).
    5. Equality Secretary: Andrea Fernández Benéitez (CyL).
    6. Electoral Strategy and Action Secretariat: Javier Izquierdo Roncero (CyL).
    7. Municipal Policy Secretariat: Alfonso Rodríguez de Celis (Andalusia).
    8. Autonomous Political Secretariat: Guillermo Fernández Vara (Extremadura).
    9. Spokesperson: Felipe Sicilia Alférez (Andalusia).
    10. Ministry of Justice, Institutional Relations and Public Function: Llanos Castellanos Garijo (Madrid).
    11. Secretariat for Studies and Programs: Idoia Mendia Cueva (Euskadi).
    12. International Political and Development Cooperation Secretariat: Hanna Jalloul Muro (Madrid).
    13. Secretary of Transportation, Sustainable Mobility and Urban Agenda: Arcadi España García (C. Valenciana).
    14. Secretariat for Democratic Memory and Secularity: Patxi López Álvarez (Euskadi).
    15. Demographic Challenge Secretariat: Maite Pérez Esteban (Aragon)
    16. European Union Secretariat: Iratxe García Pérez (CyL).
    17. Secretariat for Just Ecological Transition and the Preservation of Biodiversity: Marc Pons Pons (Balearic Islands)
    18. Secretariat for Economic Policy and Digital Transformation: Pedro Casares Hontañón (Cantabria).
    19. Culture and Sports Secretariat: Manuela Villa Acosta (Madrid)
    20. Secretariat for the Toledo Pact and Social Inclusion: Juan Francisco Serrano Martínez (Andalusia)
    21. Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Tourism: Patricia Blanquer Alcaraz (C. Valenciana)
    22. Ministry of Labor, Social Economy and Self-Employed Work: Montse Mínguez García (Catalonia).
    23. Training Secretariat: María Márquez Romero (Andalusia)
    24. Secretary of Education, Professional Training: Mª Luz Martínez Seijo (CyL).
    25. Secretariat of Science, Research and Universities: Diana Morant Ripoll (C. Valenciana).
    26. Secretariat for Social Movements, Diversity and the Elderly: Beatriz Carrillo De los Reyes (Andalusia).
    27. Secretariat for Transparency and Democratic Regeneration: Francisco Lucas Ayala (Murcia)
    28. Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Secretariat: Amparo Marco Gual (C. Valenciana)
    29. Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries: Ana Mª Romero Obrero (Andalusia)
    30. Secretary of Health and Consumption: Carolina Darias San Sebastián (Canary Islands)
    31. Secretariat for Constitutional Reform and New Rights: Félix Bolaños García (Madrid)
    32. LGTBI Secretariat: Víctor Gutiérrez Santiago (Catalonia)
    33. Secretariat of the PSOE Exterior: Pilar Cancela Rodríguez (Galicia).
    34. Secretariat for Migration and Refugee Policies: Luc André Diouf (Canary Islands).


    35. Manuel García Salgado (Catalonia)
    36. Sabrina Moh Abdelkader (Melilla)
    37. María Nieves Ramírez Moreno (Andalusia)
    38. Mª Jesús Montero Cuadrado (Andalusia)
    39. Pilar Alegría Continent (Aragon)
    40. Isabel Rodríguez García (CLM)
    41. Elisa Garrido Jiménez (La Rioja)
    42. Alvaro Martínez Chana (CLM)

In addition, they are part of this body, as ex officio members, the spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez (Canary Islands); the spokeswoman in the Senate, Eva Granados (Catalonia); and the new president of the Federal Policy Council, the mayor of Seville and Andalusian leader, Juan Espadas (Andalusia).

Generational relief

With his new team, which will include the youngest member of Congress, the Castilian-Leon-born Andrea Fernández, as Secretary of Equality, Sánchez’s commitment to embody an important generational change in his Executive is confirmed. Fernández, 28, replaces the former first vice president, Carmen Calvo, in this position.

Also significant is the large presence of women -60% compared to 40% of men- and, as expected, the presence of profiles from municipalities, such as the already ministers Alegría and Morant, or the mayor of Castellón , Amparo Marco, as secretary of Entrepreneurship and Social Impact. In addition, the mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, will be the president of the Federal Committee.

The Executive, which is the body in charge of managing the day-to-day running of the party, also includes the Jaen deputy Felipe Sicilia as spokesman; the deputy director of Sánchez’s cabinet in Moncloa, Llanos Castellanos, as Secretary of Justice, Institutional Relations and Public Function; and the Basque leader Idoia Mendia, as Secretary of Studies and Program.

Among the new faces in the Executive also stands out the spokesperson in the Madrid assembly, Hanna Jalloul, as secretary of International Policy and Development Cooperation; or the Minister of Territorial Policy of the Generalitat Valenciana Arcadi Spain, as Secretary of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Urban Agenda; and as secretary of the Demographic Challenge, Maite Pérez Esteban.

In this new Executive, only 12 leaders of the 49 who made up the team that Sánchez designed in the 39th Federal Congress of 2017 remain in office. This is the case, as already confirmed, of Cristina Narbona as president of the party; Adriana Lastra as Deputy Secretary General; and Santos Cerdán as Secretary of Organization.

Likewise, they retain their seat, although with different responsibilities, the leaders Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, who will now be Secretary of Municipal Policy; Javier Izquierdo, who will assume the Electoral Action Secretariat; the Secretary General of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, as head of Autonomies; Pilar Cancela, who assumes the Foreign Ministry; Patxi López, as Democratic Memory and Secularism.

In turn, the spokesperson in the European Parliament, Iratxe García, retains the secretariat of the European Union; Pedro Casares assumes the Digital Transformation Secretariat; Mª Luz Martínez Seijo preserves Education; and Luc André Diouf remains, now as secretary of Migration and Refugee Policies.

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