This is the millionaire figure that Netflix paid Lee Jung Jae, protagonist of The Squid Game

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Netflix has great certainty among its contents: The Squid Game it is the most watched series worldwide in these moments and, in this way, the door was opened for them to continue producing new seasons. As well as Parasite surprised at the time to win the Oscar for Best Picture, now Squid Game It is the most relevant South Korean drama of 2021. And the popularity that its protagonists gained was also reflected in their salaries.

From one moment to the next, Korean actors became the figures of the streaming giant. His followers on social networks increased, but so did the numbers on his bank accounts. And it is that the streaming platform usually invests in good salaries for the artists of their products. The Squid Game was no exception and Lee Jung-jae, who plays Cho Sang-Woo, received a high number.

After investing 2.5 billion won per episode, which is equal to $ 2.9 million, the actor received around 300,000 won per episode. Taking into account that the figure in US currency is 344,000 dollars, in total he obtained about 3.1 million at the end of filming the drama. All this without counting that now brands around the world offer you money to promote their products and that, in this way, your fortune continues to grow.

Jung-Jae became 2nd highest paid Korean actor, since it exceeded the 206,000 dollars what has won Song Joong-ki for each of the episodes he starred in Vicenzo, also available on Netflix. However, he is below the Korean artist who received the most money per episode filmed. Is about Kim Soo-hyun, the protagonist of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, whose talent was recognized by the red N with 572,000 dollars.

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+ How much did the actors of The Squid Game earn?

Cho Sang-Woo, interpreted by Hae-soo Park, won around $ 49,000 per episode, demonstrating a huge difference between Jung-Jae’s earnings. In the ranking of actors with the best salaries of Squid Game, keep going HoYeon Jun, who put himself in the shoes of Kang Sae-byeok, and for his work he won “a few hundred thousand Taiwanese dollars per episode”. And although it may be little compared to her peers, the truth is that she became the public’s favorite: on Instagram, she has already exceeded the 13 million followers.

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