This is the most viewed video on TikTok of all of 2021

This is the most viewed video on TikTok of all of 2021

Since its appearance, Tiktok has carried the terms viral and “trend” at levels never before seen since the appearance of social networks. And now, being close to the end of 2021, the most watched video on this Chinese platform is that of a man who jocularly dances the popular song “Stay”, played by Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi.

And it is that the popular application has defined the most important moments of this year that is about to give way to 2022, where everyone shares similar numbers of reactions and views, but the dance stands out. David Allen.

This video, where the man is seen outlining himself on top of the U.S, has achieved astronomical figures, even for this social network, obtaining 43.9 million “I like it”, with views exceeding 313 million since July 28, date it was published.

What is special about this video? In the tape you can see the subject dressed in a blue shirt, white headphones, sunglasses. Move your butt to the beat of the music, the same as with your arms.

Once the tape became a trend, we have come to know that Allen is a wedding photographer, managing to gain 8.9 million followers, for which he decided to start as an influencer at the same time that he carries out his profession.

To Insider, the man has confessed that he “Feels real” the fact that your video is the most viewed of Tiktok: “Very grateful and feels lucky to get out (…) it just seemed to give people good vibes”.

What few know is that this video was inspired by that of Max Taylor on the same platform, which was published on July 27 with a dance that got more than 12 million reactions.

“The main theme of my Tiktok is ‘How can I make this popular trend in a different and visually stunning way?’ (…) This is actually how the video originated ‘Stay’, and that was inspired by @maxtaylorlifts “he explained to Insider.

In fact, the subject assured that he is willing to continue repeating this type of content until people begin to lose interest in it to focus on another: “There is no shortage of commentators who are happy to remind me that she is getting old (…) But, there are tons of creators who would kill to find a format that works so well for them and I refuse to take it for granted.

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