This is the new scene of the series The Peacemaker, which announces the release date of its official trailer: “Fuck Aquaman!”

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The San Diego Comic Con had a flirt last weekend and John Cena decided to drop by the event as The Peacemaker or Peacemaker of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad to show a new scene from the series and announce the release date of its final official trailer.

It has been a busy weekend for John Cena as The Peacemaker. As the video of the official Instagram account shows, the actor got off the plane characterized by El Pacificador and he stopped by San Diego Comic Con to greet his fans. You can see it below.

While this was taking place, the official accounts of the series on the internet published a new series scene (via ScreenRant) titled “F * ck Aquaman” (Fuck you Aquaman) in which The Peacemaker argues with the person in charge of the hospital of the jail in which he is about what happened during James Gunn’s Suicide Squad to end up there. All this with the characteristic “sense of humor” of the protagonist. And the insult to Aquaman? The manager responds to The Peacemaker that “Aquaman is famous“and he doesn’t. To which The Peacemaker responds:”¡Let the jodan have Aquaman!“.

This scene also served to advance the Release date of the official and definitive trailer of the series: December 3. The series premieres on HBO Max on January 13, 2021.

Finally, John Cena himself shared on Twitter an image that shows his huge arm and El Pacificador’s helmet in detail during the San Diego Comic Con event.

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