This is the new Xiaomi smart glasses that could replace the mobile

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Just a few days after Facebook and Ray-Ban presented the Ray-Ban Stories, smart glasses developed by the joint work of both companies, today it is the turn of Xiaomi, which also has released the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The Asian giant is one of the manufacturers with a wide catalog of smart products and from which we can always expect to launch any type of unexpected product.

In this case it is a question of smart glasses that are not virtual reality or augmented reality, but they pretend to be a standalone smart device that can even replace our mobile phones. Therefore, unlike the Ray-Ban Stories, these Xiaomi Smart Glasses are a complete smart device and not just another accessory to use with our smartphone.

Independent smart device

So much so, that the glasses themselves are an independent Android device that does not require constant connection with a phone and that they suggest the possibility that one day they could even replace them. Within them is a Quad-core Arm processor, WiFi and Bluetooth modules to offer wireless connectivity, battery and a five megapixel camera. All this in a conventional type glasses frame that has a weight of only 51 grams so that they are as comfortable as possible to wear all day.

In addition, these Xiaomi Smart Glasses have an information projection system on the crystals. To do this, they have a microLED display monochrome that will show all kinds of information in green and that will be projected to our eyes without sunlight being able to prevent us from seeing such information. Although this screen is only 0.13 inch and has dimensions of 2.4 mm x 2.02 mm, this projection is launched in such a way that our eye perceives it with a much larger display size.

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Taking into account these capabilities and equipment, the functions are multiple. That is, with the Xiaomi Smart Glasses we will be able to take photos and videos through your camera, view the text messages, answer or perform calls, voice recognition or even follow the directions to get anywhere, among many.

At the moment, the Asian manufacturer has not mentioned anything about their availability or if they will be for sale to everyone. Perhaps this announcement has been advanced due to the recent presentation of the Ray-Ban Stories, so we will have to wait for the famous manufacturer to pronounce on it.


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