This is the Peaky Blinders character who may have a spin-off

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Peaky Blinders It is one of the most popular series in recent years, a recognition that has been earned since it is part of the streaming service’s catalog Netflix, where it obtained millions of viewers throughout its five seasons and they wait expectantly for the sixth part. Every time there is less time for his return, but in the meantime we will do a review by a character who should have his own spin-off.

The figures and actors that fiction has are top of the line, so anyone has done enough for the production to focus on one of them for a dedicated program. But without a doubt, a show that all fans would see would surely be one starring entirely by Camden Alfie Solomons, interpreted by Tom Hardy.

Alfie He first appeared in the second installment and had apparently passed away after being shot in the face by Tommy, but in the fifth season he was found to be alive. Not much is known about the past of Solomons, so that a gangster backstory would have enough appeal to function like any other series.

This is a possibility that has been talked about for a long time, especially since Steven Knight, creator of the program, posted an audio on the official website about Camden’s past called “The Gospel of Alfie Solomons: Part One”, with Hardy reciting a nine minute poem. There he talks about how the crime leader became a notorious London gangster alongside his family background.

Thanks to that we know that He had an absent father, with whom he was familiar from a hat he inherited from him, and who was in World War I killing 36 men. After that he opened his bread factory, which is actually a front for his criminal enterprise, and they argue about whether he is a good man or not.. For now it is known that will return to season 6 of Peaky Blinders when it premieres in early 2022, but this story may turn into a fan-acclaimed series.

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