This is the temporary error of the Hawkeye series that has to do with The Avengers: new theories about the future of the MCU

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The first two episodes of the Hawkeye series are now available on Disney +. Like the rest of Marvel series, it hides a lots of easter eggs and nods to the rest of the franchise. From a musical based on The Avengers to an old Avengers Tower. And it is precisely the latter that we have to talk about, because a fan has found a big continuity or temporal error in the new Marvel series.

This news contains SPOILERS for Hawkeye

One of the most shocking moments of the first episodes of the series Hawkeye is when Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), co-star of the series with Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), has a flashback in which she sees herself in her New York home during Loki’s attack with the Chinauri. During the battle, her father is killed and the girl sees Renner in action, inspiring her to follow in his footsteps … though not exactly the same.

The battle shows us a scene that has been pointed out in Reddit due to its continuity or temporary error: in the scene of The Avengers (2012) we saw that the letters of the Stark Tower (except the A that later inspired the A in Avengers) se caen. However, the scene of the series shows the K for Stark in the tower … letter that Loki makes fly with a weapon.

Rhys Thomas, series director, explained to The Wrap that “Everything was done completely new, except for a moment we used where Jeremy jumps off a building, but we also had to shoot it from another angle. So we had our stunt double recreate that jump as well. I had the great opportunity to see the original ‘The Avengers’ diaries, which was great“.

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Is it a detail that has been overlooked or is Disney sending us a message? Some fans have begun to theorize based on the fact that the K is deliberate: since they are in a alternate universe to the original, happening because it is a Hawkeye illusion, until it is a small wink to announce that Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) will become a member of The Avengers… or what’s left of them after Spider-Man and Doctor Strange turn reality upside down in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Other fans point out that this new movie could explain the K in the tower. Anything is possible with the UCM.

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