“This is war”: ‘El leoncito’ from “Los Guerreros” surprises with rhythmic gymnastics number

This Tuesday was the second date of “The EEG Olympics” in reality “This is war” and the members of “Los Combatientes” and “Los Guerreros” performed different disciplines.

As a prelude to the rhythmic gymnastics competition, the mascot of “Los Guerreros”, ‘El leoncito, was responsible for starting this test with a number that surprised the drivers.

With incredible acrobatics, ‘El leoncito’ showed that he is also a great athlete like the other members of his team.

‘El Torito’, mascot of “Los Combatientes”, was not far behind and also captivated his teammates with a number of rhythmic gymnastics.

In “The EEG Olympics” different disciplines are carried out, such as 100 meter dash, volleyball, soccer, trunk throw, among other games.

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