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“This is war”: Elías Montalvo could not complete competition against Mario Hart | VIDEO – MAG.

After the elimination of Rosángela Espinoza from “This is war”, the production announced that the evaluations began to choose the 12 competitors who will face “Guerreros Puerto Rico”, therefore the competitions have become more rigorous and some “warriors” have felt the punch.

Proof of this is that the program premiered a new game called “Take out chains”, which generated more than one problem for the young Elías Montalvo. The ‘warrior’ could not complete the competition after accusing pain and the point of his round was awarded to Mario Hart.

To avoid speculation, Gian Piero Díaz quickly took the floor to rule out any serious injury or blow. “Everything is fine with Elías, there is no problem at all”, said the host of “This is war.”

The competition continued without problems and the ‘fighters’ won the first game of the night with a score of 5 to 3 against the ‘warriors’. It should be noted that the best 12 competitors will be part of the EEG selection.

As it is recalled, Elías Montalvo resumed the competitions in “This is war” since last Monday, October 11. The young competitor suffered a spectacular fall a few weeks ago, but recovered quickly.

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