“This is war”: Johanna San Miguel’s reaction after María Pía Copello replaced Gian Piero Díaz

Gian Piero Díaz was not present at the recent edition of “This is war” and in her place the influencer María Pía Copello attended, who was responsible for conducting the youth reality show with Johanna San Miguel.

The host was introduced to reality as “the queen of ‘This is war'” and was not to the liking of Johanna, who was a bit uncomfortable by the presence of her colleague.

María Pía Copello noticed San Miguel’s negative behavior and had no qualms about telling him what he thought in the middle of the live program.

“Listen to me, I’m greeting you with a small fist and with a lot of politeness, but I don’t think you want to greet me … I think you’re not happy to see me”he commented.

Faced with Copello’s public complaint, the leader of the “Los Guerreros” team clarified that she had not seen her colleague’s fist and that only for this reason she had not returned the greeting.

“Excuse me, I didn’t see that you were waving at me with your fist”, Johanna San Miguel indicated with a laugh.

According to the popular ‘Peluchín’, the host Gian Piero Díaz would leave América Televisión because a new opportunity came to another television channel.

“There is very little left, but very little. He is not a warrior, he is not a producer, apparently the ‘Pipi’ (Gian Piero Díaz) will send them to the ‘shushu’. Gian Piero Díaz would leave Pachacamac, he would leave EEG to go to another television channel “, indicated in “Love and Fire.”

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