This is what BioShock Infinite would look like if it had been on Super Nintendo

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The demakes are something unique. More still in a time when the norm is just the opposite: creating remakes of great classic games. In some way, they allow us to reinvent a current project but with the technology of yesteryear. Obviously, they usually work as something purely aesthetic, but on many occasions their creators manage to surprise us with authentic works of art.

Today, we have a new example of it with an interesting demake of BioShock Infinite. This time, the game has been reinvented as if it came out in the 16-bit era, or more specifically, for Super Nintendo. The end result, in addition to being credible, reminds of the great graphic adventures of the time.

As indicated from, este demake has been in charge of the animators of 64 Bit, known for having delighted us with this type of project in the past. And as you can see in the video here, this demake is a animated video in which we can see what BioShock Infinite would be like if it had come out in 1993 for Super Nintendo.

And if you are retro lovers, it is likely that you have already realized what the inspirations could have been of its creators. In fact, the artists themselves have said that to create this demake they have taken elements of classic games like Indiana Jones and Clock Tower, also from SNES.

The video recreate the scenes that we can see in the original game after meeting Elizabeth for the first time. And beyond nailing it with the setting of the game, change the playable structure to that of a platform of the time. Likewise, aesthetically it is very reminiscent of the most classic graphic adventures of LucasArts.

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On the other hand, we remind you that If you’ve never played BioShock Infinite, it’s an experience you should have at least once in the life. He changed Rapture for Columbia, and although it follows a lot in the wake of the two previous BioShocks, brings some unique ideas that make it a magical game. You can read the analysis that we dedicated to him in his day here.

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