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This is what Dacre Montgomery looks like today: will he return to Stranger Things?

One of the great successes of Stranger Things At the time of putting together its cast, it was to summon figures already recognized as Winona Ryder, but also bet on names that had not yet been heard in the industry. This was how new actors They were able to rise to fame, make a name for themselves in the entertainment world, and get involved in later projects. Something like that was what happened to Dacre Montgomery, who played Billy in the series of Netflix, but which he later adopted for a lower profile. How is your life now?

The 26-year-old Australian actor had his peak of exposure with his very particular character. The lifeguard of the swimming pool Hawkins was, no less, than Max’s stepbrother (Sadie Sink), a quite aggressive young man who chased away everyone around him. To the sadness of those who adored the role of Montgomery, it was at the end of the series that the role was terminated after a death and a more than impressive sacrifice.

Since then, and despite having more than 6 million followers on Instagram, the artist chose to take a low and low profile for a while. In October of last year, he published DKMH: Poems by Dacre Montgomery, a book of poetry available in print, digital and audiobook formats. The actor defined: “It is a life story, images of bursts of color and feelings and hallucinations of my imagination. What a special trip we have made with the whole team”.

But writing is not his only passion: in this time out of the spotlight, he took the opportunity to venture into the direction of short films. In this sense, he filmed Ghost, a production with few elements but that bets on the depth of its content. Montgomery noted: “It is an honor the look we achieved. I spent a few weeks shopping for furniture and accessories, putting together a list of materials that would absorb and reflect light. I wanted minimalism to feel futuristic without forcing it on the audience”.

Although his life seems to have taken another direction much more independent and away from the Netflix series, there is still a small possibility that his character I am back to show off in a new season. Months ago he mentioned in an interview: “You never know what will happen, I think it is something that you should leave it up to the creators and see where it goes. The ending is not always final, especially in series”. Will we have more of Billy in the next season of Stranger Things?


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