this is what needs to happen for the fourth season to be announced

this is what needs to happen for the fourth season to be announced

More than two years have passed since the announcement of the cancellation of Anne With an E, one of the most acclaimed and popular series on the streaming service Netflix, and so far there is no news about what may happen in the future. It is clear that fans cannot wait to see the continuation of the story in a fourth season and Only one thing must happen for that wish to be granted.

It was a joint production between the Canadian television network CBC and the N platform that came to an abrupt end in October 2019 when Executive Catherine Tait stated that she would no longer engage in co-productions with Netflix. The reason for this decision that led to the cancellation of the fiction was that the agreement hurt them by seeing that the audience figures were better for streaming than for them, so they preferred to “take care” of their content.

The third installment was touted as the last, although it clearly wasn’t supposed to be that way. In those last episodes we see that Anne He goes to Queen’s University, Gilbert leaves Winnie and gives the protagonist a letter in which he declares his love and they maintain a long-distance relationship. Diana disobeys her parents and decides to study alongside the character played by Amybeth McNulty, who receives a book that belonged to her biological mother from the Cuthberts.

Recall that the series is an adaptation of the classic work of literature Ana la from Tejas Verdes, written by Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery. According to the books, in the season 4 we would see Anne having affairs in college with her friends, but her bond with Gilbert is no longer the same as before. Once graduated, the young woman would enter a stage as a teacher and director of Summerside that would face her with new challenges as with a family that tries to make her stay impossible.

+ What needs to happen for season 4 to be announced?

CBC and the platform reached an agreement to definitively cancel the fiction, but there is a possibility for it to be renewed for more episodes and that is that a company should buy its rights, as happened with other contents that were rescued in the same way. Netflix would be the most viable option to be the sole owner of Anne With an E, but after two years they haven’t and the feeling is that they won’t, for more effort and comments made by fans on the networks. Will another streaming surprise when acquiring the series? This action is expected to take place.

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