This is what the boy remembers from the baseball game that went viral for a stare fight

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Have you ever seen the viral of the child in a game of Baseball that challenges the camera even a gaze contest? Although this meme does not have a name as such, surely you have seen it somewhere, since it is one of the best known virals in the world.

Sam DiDonato, from 15 years, from Omaha He is still recognized in public for a moment he barely remembers when he was 10 years old, one that has been recorded for posterity in the form of a viral meme.

DiDonato I was in the stands in TD Ameritrade Park for the game TCU vs. Coastal Carolina on 2016 when he faced an epic staring competition with a camera from ESPN:

The moment went viral online and, to this day, his face appears on all social media: It’s one of the GIF most popular used for memes. Sam he told 6 News that people still recognize him from that moment five years later.

It’s kind of crazy to think that someone I’ve never met before knows who I am, but I have no idea who they are.“, He said DiDonato. “It’s kind of weird because sometimes I open my phone and then I see my face”.

He said that even during the pandemic while wearing a mask, people would say they could see it was him by his eyes. Sam and his mother Trish are eager to see the CWS this year. At the moment, Sam plays baseball.

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