This Mexican company created a digital solution for direct and multilevel sales, one of the fastest growing industries in Mexico during the pandemic

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27 years ago Lizelotte Ludewig and Gerardo García went out with more than 20 kilos of equipment, to sell Netzen’s product and services door-to-door for direct sales and multilevel companies.

“When we started selling the system, it was carrying a computer that weighed like 20 kilos and a monitor that weighed another 15,” says Ludewig. She is CEO of Netzen, a company specialized in the incubation, consulting, automation and administration of direct selling and multilevel companies.

More than two decades into its adventure in this industry —valued at more than 90,000 million pesos in Mexico— Netzen is used by about 4 million people in Latin America and North America.

“This is how we started, going to knock on doors with our clients, we showed the system because there was no internet; We showed it on our computer and sold it personally, ”says Lizelotte.

In 2017, Netzen detected the need to offer knowledge about what the direct and multilevel selling industry is and is not. The company managed to design a program aimed at businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers and investors who seek to incorporate this model as a business strategy.

Netzen Created Management Decision Making Software for Multi-Level and Direct Selling Companies; its interface allows quick data analysis and administration of this type of business.

It is also a useful tool to apply this business model for the expansion of startups, companies with different distribution channels and for firms already consolidated in the industry.

For Gerardo García, president of Netzen, the business of direct and multilevel sales offers a great offer for young people and older adults. This is one of the two sectors that grew at more than double digits during the Covid-19 pandemic; the other was e-commerce.

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Data from the Mexican Association of Direct Sales (ÄMVD) indicate that there are 4.5 million Mexicans who are dedicated to this activity; in the world there are 125.4 million distributors.

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