This Samsung Smart TV has a discount worthy of Good End

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If you have been looking for a Smart TV for a long time, today you are in luck: in Amazon Mexico there is a Samsung model with 4K resolution with a discount worthy of Good End. So if you don’t want to wait until November 10, this is a great opportunity. And it is that the offer reaches 34%, allowing you to save more than $ 4,500 pesos. It is time to renew TV and you know it.

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the main references when it comes to talking about televisions. The South Korean company has a good track record of models, all with fantastic displays and performance that lives up to expectations for a brand like this.

This equipment (model UN43AU8000FXZX from this 2021) that we are dealing with today is no exception. It is a Smart TV of 43 inches with 4K processor capable of 3D color mapping that promises to optimize and perfectly match each shade on screen. Your technology Dynamic Crystal Color+, which gives its name to the family of televisions, also ensures more realistic colors, so that you can enjoy a better experience consuming content at all times. Meanwhile he Motion Xcelerator guarantees, according to the manufacturer, faster images and better image quality.

With an “AirSlim” design with an ultra-thin screen and a thin frame, the TV has its own user platform with a very simple and easy-to-use interface that does not lack direct access to the main services such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO + or Amazon Prime Video, to indicate only two of them.

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It also comes with an integrated voice assistant (Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can choose the one you want) and has Bluetooth, two USB connectors and three HDMI ports.

Do you like what you just read? Then you cannot pass up the opportunity to get the television. As we anticipated at the beginning, this Samsung model from the 2021 catalog of the firm is in these moments of sales in Amazon Mexico with a discount of 34%.

Its about historical minimum price of this Smart TV (That is, you have never seen it cheaper in the online store), so it is a fantastic opportunity to get it at a very good price.

If you were thinking of renovating a television at home and excessively large televisions are not your thing, this model is yours, there is no doubt. Get her before the offer ends.

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