This Smart TV is selling like ‘hotcakes’ on Prime Day – a hard-to-find deal at Samsung from 2021

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Amazon Prime Day has left us this great offer that will allow us to get a magnificent model from the Samsung Smart TV range with a 35% discount. We are before the star television of this event: it is selling like hot cakes.

The best thing about this offer is that we are facing a 2021 model, so this is a fantastic promotion for a product that has just recently hit the market.

And we tell you a little secret: yesterday it was only available for Amazon Prime members, but today they have maintained the offer and you can get this great screen without having to sign up for the service.

This Samsung model offers a panel of 60 inch with which to enjoy a magnificent image with 4K resolution. Panel technology is QLED, so we will enjoy very sharp images with a wide color coverage.

Its design is extremely slim, and takes care of both the thickness of the background and the bezels of the screen frame, which remain practically invisible to our eyes.

It is a model that, without being the highest in the range, takes great care of its design and its internal specifications. On the one hand, the image offered seeks to give us intense colors and surprising brightness thanks to its Quantum HDR technology, in addition to the Dual LED, which will illuminate the pixels more precisely, making the backlight match the content being displayed.

In addition to offering magnificent image quality, this model has OTS Lite technology, which is responsible for analyzing the image on the screen to reproduce the sound depending on where it appears according to what we are seeing in the image. Thus, an object tracking is generated that offers a listening experience with 3D sound.

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See a 2021 model receive a 35% discount It is something quite strange, and more when we talk about a model from the Samsung range.

With a promotional price of 14,999 pesos (Before 22,933 pesos), this model is one of the most recommended Smart TVs of this Prime Day, hence it is one of the products that are being sold the most these days.

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