This SMS is not from a parcel service: Delete it as soon as possible

On the brink of extinction with the rise of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, archaic SMS messages – the first WhatsApp that we basically had on mobile phones – have found a second life in the current era. Now they are used by banks to notify us notices or validate operations; 2-step protection systems to access our account; agencies and courier services to notify us of a delivery shipment.

SMS fraudulento

And it is precisely this last use, very widespread, that is the one that stars in several SMS campaigns detected by OSI impersonating parcel services. In these messages refers to a package that has been found and is supposedly pending delivery to the user since the month of August.

The objective is to trick you into clicking on the link that accompanies the message, being redirected to a malicious page, in which if you complete the steps, you will end up downloading an application with malware.

According to the OSI, “Fits highlight that the text of the message contains spelling mistakes, such as the absence of accents and uses random capitalized words in each message.“, for instance:

  • ‘We have found A pending August package FOR you. Confirm delivery here: ‘
  • ‘We have found ONE outstanding August package for you. CONFIRM delivery HERE ‘
  • ‘We have FOUND an August package pending for YOU. Confirm delivery here: ‘

As we see, At no time does the SMS notify which messaging agency it is, neither the date nor any type of identifying data, so it already makes one suspect of deception. If you see an SMS like this on your mobile, skip it and delete it to avoid infecting your mobile.


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