this was Andrew Garfield’s first job

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In this 2021 Andrew Garfield He once again positioned himself as one of the most sought-after and important actors in Hollywood. Although the actor was, for several months, with a low profile, this year he was the target of different rumors of a possible return to Marvel with Spider-Man: No Way Home and also starred in the Netflix hit, Tick, Tick, Boom. And, without a doubt, this helped him, once again, to show the world all his talent.

This is because in Tick, Tick, Boom Andrew Garfield He played Jonathan Larson and not only acted, he dazzled with his singing and dancing. So much so that, beyond all the speculations of his return to the MCU where, in addition, now everything indicates that he will return as Spider-Man, the interpreter is in the best moment of his acting life. However, long before catapulting himself to international fame and venturing into Hollywood life, his reality was very different.

Years ago Andrew Garfield He is an internationally renowned actor who cannot be associated with any other profession. As with most, his time at Marvel has marked him, but at the same time has helped him rise to the top. However, before he could focus on his true profession and while he was studying, he himself confessed that he had another job that, until now, no one knew about.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Garfield confessed that his first job was at Starbucks. “I left home at 17 and started trying to live like an actor“He began by saying to what the driver asked him if, right away, he managed to make money thanks to that. And, very concisely, the interpreter replied: “no, it took a while. As you know it’s a horrible profession”, He confessed between laughs. “It was a stupid decision”He added.

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And then Kimmel didn’t hesitate to delve into Andrew’s beginnings before he achieves his dreams. “Starbucks was my first job. It was in Golders Green (England’s township). I think it was one of the first Starbucks that England had“, He said. This, of course, after seeing how the fans laughed because it was hard to believe imagining the actor there.

Undoubtedly, as well as those who saw the program that day, this interview went viral again due to the surprise that all the fans of Andrew Garfield imagining him in the uniform of the coffee shop. Although, of course, this reveals everything that he fought for where he is and why he deserves all the success he is having with his career.

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