This was life in 1951, when Atlas won its only title in the first division of Mexican soccer.

Atlas FC will be able to make history by winning its second championship in the Mexican soccer first division, a milestone that it only achieved on April 29, 1951, 70 years ago.

The “foxes” will face the León club in the final of the Tournament Grita México A21 of Liga MX. The Guadalajara, Jalisco team finished the regular season in second place in the general table with 29 points.

The Atlas got their direct pass to the Liguilla, where they eliminated the Rayados in the quarterfinals. This Sunday, he defeated Pumas and got his ticket to the final of the maximum Mexican soccer circuit, something that he had not achieved since the Summer 1999 tournament.

The red-black team has a lot at stake, since their fans are desperate to end a 70-year drought without a title, the longest in Mexican soccer and that, by far, eclipses the one lived by Cruz Azul, which this 2021 also champion was crowned for the first time in 23 years.

However, there is also the possibility that the Atlas will fall to the Lion and have to settle only for the runner-up, something that already happened to them in the 1948-1949 season, when they lost the final to the felines.

Nor could he win his second title in the 1965-1966 tournament after falling against América and Verano 1999 against Toluca.

Taking into account that a percentage of the fans of the “foxes” (and of Mexican soccer in general) have never celebrated a league title, it is difficult to imagine what the world was like in the distant 1951. Next, we will tell you about it.

Considering that people who were born in 1951 are currently (or are about to turn) 70 years old, it is obvious that none of the players in the current Atlas squad were born when the club won its first league title.

The Colombian Camilo Vargas and the Argentine Julio Furch are the oldest players in the red-black team at 32 years old; while the youngest is Jesús Gómez with only 19 years old.

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