This was the devastating explosion that almost wiped the city off the map

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Lebanon will have August 4 marked in its memory forever. This Wednesday marks a year since the devastating and impressive explosion that almost completely destroyed Beirut. Citizens of the Lebanese capital live with a mixture of grief at the loss of life and a sense of anger at the impunity surrounding the worst disaster ever experienced in Lebanon during wartime. They demand Justice and purge responsibility for the explosion in the port. But it does not arrive, the political class shields itself in its immunity and the people confirm the corrupt nature of those who govern them.

Entire neighborhoods in ruins, more than 200 dead and more than 6,500 injured was the balance of an explosion resulting from neglect: hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate stored for years together with fireworks and wick ropes were an anticipated tragedy that nobody knew watch. And that finally happened in early August 2020, right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that, added to the terrible economic crisis experienced in the country, had the country on the brink of total disaster.

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