This was the original ending of Stay Close

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Produced by Netflix, the series hit the streaming platform on December 31. It is currently the most watched production worldwide among the titles of the N.

© IMDbThe series is based on a book written by Harlan Coben.

Just look at the rankings of Netflix in the world to understand the rage behind stay close, the thriller that the platform premiered on December 31. Based on the book of the same name Harlan CobenIt is made up of 8 episodes. The production shows Megan, who about to get married is visited by the detective Mike Broome and begins to unravel her past in the wake of a disappearance that bears strong resemblances to a case she was involved in.

Those who have finished watching the series will have discovered that stay close has a series of unexpected revelations surrounding the murders. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to stop reading because below are central spoilers for the entire plot of this production of Netflix, especially those associated with the homicides that occur throughout this history.

Towards the end of stay close, the detective Broome discover that Ken he was stalking his girlfriend, Lorrainewith the intention of murdering her. Therefore, he runs with the idea of ​​rescuing her and when he discovers the blood in the house and thinks the worst, he finds that in reality Lorraine She was the killer all along. During her discharge at the police station, the woman takes charge of all the homicides, including that of Carlton Flynn. However, it will soon be revealed that the real murderer of Carlton it was Dave.

The idea of ​​adding Dave as a criminal in this production was not in the original book of Coben. The decision was made by those responsible for the series of Netflix with the intention of adding an extra twist to this production that today leads the audience rankings. Currently, the series has an 89% approval rating by critics of Rotten Tomatoes, although for the audience that number drops radically, 30 points.

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