This was the real reason why Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone broke up after The Amazing Spider-Man

This was the real reason why Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone broke up after The Amazing Spider-Man

The romances in the recording sets are already something that does not surprise and the one of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield was one of them. The actors, who played Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy between 2012 and 2014 in The Amazing Spider-Man they managed to get their chemistry beyond the screen and beyond. It was in 2011, the year before the big premiere, when both decided to break up with their respective partners and give their relationship a chance.

Therefore, for the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 1, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone They have already presented themselves as an official couple. Mind you, it was on the 2012 Nickelodeon Choice Awards red carpet that they made their first public appearance on a red carpet. Tenderness, complicity, fun and kindness were some of the characteristics that marked their relationship.

For four years and always with a big smile, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone They starred in one of the most loved, respected and sought after relationships in Hollywood. The interpreters were, throughout their courtship, always wanted by the paparazzi and were never upset by this situation. In addition, each time they appeared in public, they demonstrated their good disposition and intact chemistry.

However, everything that begins ends and Garfield and Stone’s relationship came to an end. It was in 2015 when the portal Vanity Fair announced their final break so that they would later confirm it through a statement. The decision of both was not to the liking of the fans, but to this day the actors continue to maintain a great relationship showing that their separation was on good terms.

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For what transpired at that time and is still very relevant today, there were two points against which Andrew and Emma had to face. First, their busy schedules made it difficult to see each other more often, and then some rumors indicate that he wanted to start a family, while she still disagreed.. Of course, it should be noted that the latter is not entirely confirmed.

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