This was the return of Alba Flores as Nairobi to La Casa de Papel

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Last season of The Money Heist left his followers with their mouths open. And is that one of the most beloved characters in the series of Netflix, Nairobi, was brutally shot to the head by the fearsome Gandia. The role played by Alba Flores seemed to have a definitive ending and it had already been confirmed that he would not return again to the fiction created by Alex Pina and directed by Jesus Colmenar.

In fact, in the Netflix special The Paper House: The Phenomenon, its creators showed the fired of the character. The actress remarked at that time: “They say that when you go to die, life passes you by. And well, the same thing happens to me with the character”. Once filming was over for her, her colleagues applauded her, handed her a bouquet of flowers and hugged her with great affection.

Lola Flores’ granddaughter had already worked with the same technical team years ago with success Vis a Vis, in which he also participated Najwa Nimri, now recognized for her role as the inspector Alicia sierra. His last words on set were through tears: “With some people on this team it has been many years. And I want to thank you for everything I have learned with you. I have grown here as an actress as I had never thought I would, and as a person as well. I hope I have to roll 16 thousand more times with you”.

And so it was: for the first part of the fifth and final season of the series, the actress moved to filming in Madrid. In the documentary The Paper House: From Tokyo to Berlin, Alba Flores revealed: “I saw myself very far from the character. I was waiting for them to come and do their costume and makeup magic”. While they got her ready with her hairstyle in dressing rooms, she was encouraged to ask her great friend Úrsula Corberó Some spoilers of the series. At the crossroads, he asked him if his character really died and in what way. “I die in the next chapter, I blow myself away“Said the actress from Such.

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Once ready to begin with the scene, already ready in the skin of Nairobi, she assured: “I keep thinking that a death in time is a victory. The characters have a journey and do not have to stretch them further. I think it is better to finish them with pleasure”. And he concluded: “How nice that they wrote that in the end what mattered to her was living something real with people”.

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