This was the surprising prototype of the PlayStation 2 game boxes: Sony discarded it

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The design of the PS2 video game boxes could have been very different from what we all remember. So much so, that now a discarded prototype at the time for Sony Japan and that it could have been quite a revolution in the market had it finally reached the stores. This is how the medium collects it Gizmodo, presenting the photographs of this quirky and risky proposed work of the designer of videogame boxes Hock Wah Yeo.

Sony decided on conventional DVD cases

Thus, while Sony was developing what was to be the powerful successor to its first PlayStation, it commissioned game box designer Hock Wah Yeo with a proposal original and eye-catching for the titles of his new console, “a last job in the video game industry” after the years of activity of the designer. Of course, and as the photographs of the prototype demonstrate, Wah Yeo’s proposal was totally groundbreaking, more taking into account the design of the PSX boxes.

As we can see, the prototype is made up of two different bodies, one circular for disk of game and another one rectangular for the cover Exterior. In addition, the PlayStation 2 logo in this case is located on the side while in the final design it was placed at the top, something that remains in the brand to this day. The design itself was risky, futuristic even, but impractical both when it comes to storing and working at the graphic design level.

However, despite the fact that Sony wanted to differentiate its game boxes from conventional DVD boxes to make them more eye-catching and personal, the project was scrapped. in favor of typical boxes of the format, much cheaper to manufacture and kinder to the design of covers.

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