This week’s schedule of Innocents and what will happen

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What is the hours of “Innocents” by Antena 3? The Turkish series, originally titled “Masumlar Apartmanı”, is very popular in Spain where it has thousands of followers. The story of Han (Birkan Sokullu) and Inci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) has captivated audiences with its particular plot and, every week, records good audience figures.

Turkish drama, also known as “Wounded souls”, It has a quite original plot because, in addition to narrating the love story of Inci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) and Han (Birkan Sokullu), it also addresses the psychological disorders that people suffer, which are represented through their characters. The protagonists are two young people caught in the struggle between what they want and desire and what they should do for the good of their loved ones.

“Innocents” It premiered in Spain on July 22 on Antena 3 and since then it has been gaining followers every week. Next, we will tell you what will happen in the next chapters of the Turkish soap opera that is broadcast on Antena 3 and what the schedule is for this week.

The Turkish soap opera “Inocentes” is broadcast in Spain on the Antena 3 signal on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:45 pm.

Therefore, this Monday, October 25 and Tuesday, October 26, “Wounded Souls” will broadcast new episodes of the story of Han (Birkan Sokullu) and Inci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) at the time indicated by the television network.

Antena 3 premiered “Inocentes” in July this year as a replacement for the successful production “Mujer” (“Kadin”), starring actress Özge Özpirinçci as Bahar. Its new episodes can also be seen online and live through the Atresplayer Premium streaming platform.

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In the last chapters of “Inocentes”, Naci’s life has taken an unexpected turn. The professor is ready to win Safiye’s heart again, but his chances are reduced when Gülru and Tomris, his ex-wife and daughter, reappear to demand explanations.

Worried about Tomris’s future, Gülru demands that Naci return to her life to take care of her daughter, after disappearing without a trace. However, the professor seems to be oblivious to his family responsibilities and his only concern is Safiye.

Naci faces his daughter’s questioning, “why did she leave?”, While he cannot find an appropriate explanation to offer her. What will Naci do?

Nati’s daughter, by destiny, gets into the Derenoğlu building. Safiye sees her climb to the roof and without imagining who she is, she follows her to prevent herself from getting hurt. The woman’s surprise is immense when she sees before her the small glass room that Han made for Inci and inside it, the photos of their wedding. “They have married,” he whispers while.

Safiye is shocked after learning about Han e İnci’s marriage. Unknowingly, Han and İnci will go to the apartment to tell about their marriage. However, it will be too late for everything …

Naci and Safiye are getting closer and closer. When he returns to his hotel, the professor sees that Safiye left him a note asking him not to leave. He replies with another letter in which he asks to meet on one of the floors of his building. Safiye receives the letter and excited, prepares for her date. He fixes his hair and chooses clothes to reunite with the love of his life. Every now and then, her mother’s ghost tries to manipulate her again, but Safiye stays strong. His change of attitude pleases his family, Neriman and Gülben are happy for their sister. After a long time, they see her smile.

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