This week’s top releases on Netflix and Disney +

This week's top releases on Netflix and Disney +

Netflix It became the example of innovation when it comes to watching movies and series. With its expansion to the world, it became one of the platforms most chosen by moviegoers. Original content, impeccable productions and renowned actors are what make a bit of the success of this service on demand which is already considered the giant of streaming.

However now Netflix has competition. Is that, as the years went by, different paid movie services were opened and one of them is Disney+. But, even so, there is something that the two platforms share: every month they renew their catalog. In order to continue attracting the public there is always new content and, this time, we reveal the most anticipated of each one for this week.

This week’s top releases on Netflix and Disney +:


4. Good Girls:

Created by Jenna Bans, this series that combines drama and comedy at the same time will premiere its fourth season. Next August 31 users will be able to enjoy 16 new episodes of this story. “Under the strict watch of federal agents, Beth, Ruby, and Annie weigh the pros and cons of their jobs, as do Dean and Stan.”, resume Netflix.

Good Girls. Photo Credits: (NBC)

3. He is like this:

It is an adaptation of the classic from the 90s, She is like that. Set in the current decade and with a millennial vision, this version It will premiere on August 27. “An influencer takes on the challenge of transforming the weirdo from school into the king of the prom”, define Netflix.

2. Post Mortem: no one dies in Skarnes:

It is a Nordic thriller series that stars Katherine Thorborg and comes to Netflix this August 25. “She came back from the dead and now she just wants to drink blood. This new vice could pay off for the family’s struggling funeral home”, Reads the official synopsis.

1.SAS: the rise of the black swan:

Although it is not originally from Netflix, it is one of the most anticipated films since it stars Sam Heughan, from Outlander and It will premiere this Friday, August 27. “During a trip from London to Paris with his girlfriend, a special forces agent must jump into action when armed mercenaries seize the train”Says the synopsis.


3. I know who you are:

Created by Pau Freixas, it is of Spanish origin and was released in 2017. But, now, arrives at Disney + this August 25. This series follows the life of Juan Elías, a lawyer who after a tragic accident loses his memory and, in his attempt to recover it, discovers that he may be the murderer of his niece.

2. Only murders in the building:

It will arrive on the platform on August 31 with a proposal that, in a comedy key, will follow three characters, one of them played by Selena Gómez. And, according to the official synopsis, “the protagonists decide to solve a murder that occurred in their building”.

1. 3 more weddings:

It is one of the most anticipated movies and will arrive on the platform only on August 27. Released in 2013, this romantic comedy follows the life of Ruth, a young woman who has the obligation to face her past and decide her future, all at the same time.

Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Photo Credits: (IMDB)

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