this will be the reality show that Kristen Stewart prepares

this will be the reality show that Kristen Stewart prepares

Since his rise to fame as Bella Swan in the saga Twilight, Kristen Stewart moved noticeably away from movies teen looking for another type of profile in the film industry. And she found it: she was summoned to play Lady Di on Spencer, the last movie of Pablo Larrain, and already has a few projects on the agenda. Now, he focuses on one of them that has nothing to do with royalty: un reality show.

It is still unknown if she will serve as the host of the show or if she will simply fill the role of producer and will work behind the scenes. However, the premise is quite striking. It is about a gay ghost hunting series which promises to be a lot of fun. This is what he told The New Yorker, where he revealed some of his ideas and projects for the next few years. This reality LGBT It was more than attractive for his fans who already want to see it on the air.

Next, Stewart will debut as a director with The Chronology of the Water, based on the novel by Lydia Yuknavitch. Apparently this is just the beginning of his career as a filmmaker, since he has a lot of stories to continue in that vein. With this film, he revealed that he was looking for potential investors. “We don’t need that much. It’s a really small movie. It’s something I would have wanted to be involved in when I was younger”, He assured.

Returning to the comic reality ghost hunting, Stewart defined: “The series is a paranormal romp in a queer space”. And I add: “Homosexuals love pretty things. So we are aiming for wealth”. Everything would indicate that this production, even without a confirmed platform or television channel, will have the typical nighttime visions, added to comedy moments that are possibly led by the actress herself.

The development of the series is unknown at the moment. This may just be Kristen Stewart’s idea and she’s actually primarily involved in her upcoming movies. Anyway, her fans do not lose hope and were already excited to see the hunt for gay ghosts in the hands of the last actress who played Lady Di and is shaping up for the Oscar awards next season.

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