This will happen in the next episode of Secrets of a Marriage

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Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac are in a great professional moment: with the premiere of Secrets of a Marriage, their names quickly became a trend and the enthusiasm of the fans to see them performing together in the next episodes grew notably. Last Sunday the miniseries reached HBO Max and it turned out to be a more than interesting content thanks to the approach to topics such as monogamy, love and marriage.

Created by Hagai Levi and based on the classic Swedish series of Ingmar Bergman, this fiction has as protagonists Sight already Jonathan. She is an entrepreneur from the tech world with many ambitions. He, a complacent philosophy professor who seeks to keep his life very quiet. The couple met in college and, after two years of dating, got married. Now, they have been married for ten years and the tension between them – with a daughter in between – begins to grow.

There will be five episodes in total Scenes of a Marriage, as it was originally called. Alert spoiler! The first of them took the title Innocence and panic and had its premiere on September 12. During this first chapter, Mira and Jonathan face an interview with a student who is preparing her thesis and whose object of study is heterosexual and monogamous couples.

Next Sunday will premiere the second episode of Secrets of a Marriage (HBO Max).

After reviewing her story and reflecting, at the end of the day Jessica Chastain’s character confesses to being pregnant and the chapter concludes with the abortion they decide to carry out. A very moving ending to be only the first chapter. The followers of this series are already beginning to formulate theories and imagine on social networks how the episode 2. Here we tell you what HBO Max confirmed.

Written and directed entirely by Hagai Levi, the upcoming episode Sunday, September 19 Will be called Poli, and will surely return to the question of polyamory that is addressed during the first part. In this chapter, Mira returns from a business trip with an overwhelming revelation and must fight alongside Jonathan to process the complicated shaking.

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