“Thor: Love and Thunder”: Tessa Thompson reveals that her character, Valkyrie, will have new powers

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Nothing stops the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the beginning of the pandemic, some filming of phase 4 films and premieres such as “Black Widow” had to be postponed. However, in 2021 they resumed actions with all the sanitary measures to continue the plot of the Avengers after the snap of Thanos.

For July 8 of this year, the premiere of “Thor: Love and Thunder” has been scheduled, the fourth installment of the plot of the god of thunder. There we will once again see Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson in their respective roles.

Of course, the expectation is in the roles that women will have, since Portman attended the presentation of the tape at a past Comic Con with Thor’s hammer and it was confirmed that she will be the one to take on the role of the Norse god.

This could be interpreted as a farewell to Hemsworth, who already has three other solo films and is one of the few veteran Avengers who is still alive or has not retired, as is the case with Chris Evans in his role as Captain America.

Tessa Thompson, on the other hand, will awaken the hidden powers of the Valkyries in the film. This was confirmed in an interview with the media :

“She has strange abilities, to be honest. It can sense when someone is close to death, and it takes them to Valhalla, which is essentially the afterlife. He can revive people. But when it revives people, sometimes it ends up in their body. It is a strange thing. It can be quite erotic. And then she has superhuman strength and is essentially God.”

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