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Thor: the Dark World director revealed his original plans for the film

It is clear that not all the films of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU), available in Disney+They are infallible and no matter how much money they have, they will not always win the hearts of the audience. One of the most questioned, with a score of just 6.8 in IMDb with more than 600 thousand votes, it is Thor: The Dark World. Solo The Incredible Hulk is below this film that shares the second to last place of the entire saga with Black Widow.

The one responsible for carrying the strings of the sequel to Thor It was Alan Taylor, who counted The Hollywood Reporter that after receiving this film and Terminator: Genisys he lost “the desire to live as a director.” In the case of the film MCU, which grossed about $ 644 million, there were creative differences that complicated filming from its inception.

Originally, Patty Jenkins I was going to perform Thor: The Dark World but he assured that “I didn’t think I could make a good movie with the script they planned.” In that context entered Taylor, that with experiences in series of the weight of The Sopranos Y Mad Men, came to “contribute some Game of Thrones a Thor”. However, the end result was not what he had thought.

Thor alongside Odin, his father, played by Anthony Hopkins. (IMDb)

“The version I started with had more childish wonders,” he explained. Taylor, who also highlighted that there were “more magical qualities” in his version of Thor: The Dark World. The convergence was going to allow him to contribute elements of magical realism that finally did not see the light. In addition, he assured: “There were important differences in the plot that were invested in the editing room, and with additional photography, people who had died (such as Loki) did not die, people who had separated were together once more. I think I would have liked my version ”.

The MCU premieres that will arrive in the rest of the year

More than eight years have passed since the launch of Thor: The Dark World and the MCU managed to straighten out his path. The studio was encouraged to project the narrative arcs and the stories of the superheroes of Marvel in periods of up to four years, and even expanding with series in Disney+. After the release of Black Widow, with which the MCU returned to the cinema after two years, there are still premieres for the last semester.

shang chi and the legend of the  ten rings simu liu marvel mcu

Simu Liu repeatedly expressed his excitement about coming to the MCU. (IMDb)

The first tape of the MCU to arrive will be Shang Chi La Legend of the 10 Rings, with a release date of September 3. Simu Liu will bring to life the first Asian superhero in this film by Destin Daniel Cretton. In addition, on November 5, 2021 it will be the turn of The Eternals, with the award-winning Chloe Zhao, and on December 17th it will arrive Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is still awaited for its first official trailer.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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