Those of Teresa Rodríguez affirm that hatred of women is the same in Andalusia as in Afghanistan

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Forward Andalusia, convergence between Anticapitalists and Andalusian parties, has equated this Monday “Hatred of women” that exists in Afghanistan with the supposedly existing one in Andalusia! That is, for those of Teresa Rodriguez, women are the same in this community as in Afghanistan, a country where, according to International Amnesty, the violations Y vexations to the woman they are more than recurring.

According to a report by International Amnesty, in Afghanistan «the lives of Afghan women is controlled by the males of the family». “The notions of honor and shame that underpin cultural norms and practices emphasize feminine modesty and purity. During the last two decades, but especially between 1992 and 1995, armed guards have used these rules as weapons of war, perpetrating rapes and sexual assaults against women as the ultimate way of dishonoring entire communities and reducing the population’s ability to resist in the face of military advances, ”continues Amnesty.

“Armed groups have used and continue to use the situation of women in Afghanistan as a political instrument in their struggle to secure and stay in power. Most armed groups have imposed restrictions on women in the name of religion and culture as a way of consolidating its own position and legitimacy. At the same time, acts of violence perpetrated against women, such as public beatings, rapes and sexual assaults, seem to have been used as instrument of intimidation, humiliation and coercion against women and the general population “, exposes International Amnesty, which also recalls that “the repression of women in Afghanistan symbolizes not only their vulnerability, but also the powerlessness of male relatives to protect them.”

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We leave these excerpts from the reports of International Amnesty so that from Forward Andalusia be able to understand the barbarity which involves comparing the situation of women in Spain with the situation of women in Afghanistan.

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