Thousands of people protest in the capital of the United Kingdom against the restrictions of the pandemic (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Thousands of protesters marched through the streets of London on Saturday demanding an end to the restrictions imposed by the UK authorities due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this day of protests, groups against climate change and other rights defenders were also present.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent decision to delay UK reopening Until the end of next month, it caused annoyance in various sectors of the population, who expressed their discontent with massive protests in central areas of the British capital.

In the images disseminated on social networks you can see the streets full of people carrying banners with the words “Liberty”, flares and shout slogans against the government’s measures. Many of the protesters did not wear a mask and some expressed their rejection of vaccines, pick up The Guardian.

Other groups, although smaller, too they participated of the marches. Among them were climate activists, associations demanding higher wages for workers, anti-racist people and even pro-Palestine movements.

The total number of participants in the marches is not exact, but some estimates speak of tens of thousands of people. In addition, it is expected that this Sunday will also take place more mobilizations.

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Police have also detained several individuals and a few officers have been injured amid some chaotic incidents. Likewise, the institution remembered their commitment to maintain order and guarantee the safety of citizens.

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