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Thousands of Turkish doctors emigrate due to deteriorating working conditions

Ankara, Oct 17 (EFE) .- Maltreatment in hospital work, physical and verbal aggressions of patients, extraordinary work hours, insufficient wages … It is the cocktail that, worsened by the pandemic and an economic crisis, is behind the flight of doctors that threatens the Turkish health system.

This has been warned by the Turkish Medical College (TTB), according to which thousands of doctors fled abroad in the last two years and some eight thousand are preparing to leave.

The TTB has launched an appeal to the Government to take urgent measures to stop the emigration of health personnel.


According to Professor Süleyman Kaynak, a member of the executive board of the Izmir section of the TTB, more than 3,000 doctors left Turkey in the last two years to work in other countries and some 8,000 students from the Faculty of Medicine are planning to emigrate to Europe. , especially to Germany.

“Our colleagues are looking for work outside the country. Most of the doctors we have spoken with have the same idea,” Kaynak told Cumhuriyet newspaper on Wednesday.

Selçuk Candansayar, who teaches at a Faculty of Medicine at Gazi University in Ankara, also told Efe that leaving the country is a dream for most of his best students and assistants.


“This country spends about a million dollars to educate a doctor. The best of our graduates come to see me every week to ask how they can go to work abroad,” says the professor after recalling a recent investigation by the TTB according to the which 80 Turkish doctors emigrate every month.

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