Thursday: FTC threatens those unwilling to update, BMW shows chameleon body

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Software updates should be a matter of course, but are associated with effort for many companies. Anyone who delays this, as in the case of the Log4j security gap, threatens the US trade authorities with legal action. In road traffic, on the other hand, we are threatened with an RGB trend like with gaming PCs, should BMW’s idea with cars that change their body color prevail – the most important messages in a brief overview.

the US Trade Commission FTC virtually raises the warning finger. she threatens companies with lawsuits, If you ignore known security issues, and that leads to the disclosure of consumer data. Currently burns log4j under the fingernails of many, which is why the FTC is taking this problem as an example. Because “this security problem is being widely exploited by a growing number of attackers.” That is why the FTC warns for Log4j updates – otherwise there is a risk of legal action.

There is still no reason to complain about cars that change color in traffic, but BMW demonstrated the idea on the CES in Las Vegas. The exhibited SUVs change their color as if by magic (in grayscale). For this purpose, BMW covered almost the entire area of ​​the vehicles with e-ink film in small, triangular pieces. The technology is similar to the e-paper displays of commercially available e-book readers. With this, BMW is showing a car that changes the body color.

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BMW iX Flow

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While BMW openly shows its chameleon body, it is hidden Intel details two new lines of System-on-a-Chip named P and U. When it comes to the presentations of new processors at CES 2022, Intel only has the Core-i-12000 H-Series (Codename: Alder Lake) mentioned by name, which are primarily intended for thick and heavy gaming notebooks and mobile workstations with a power consumption of up to 115 watts. In addition, the manufacturer also prepares the energy-saving Intel Alder Lake P and U for flat notebooks with up to 14 cores.

These new flat Intel notebooks will likely be available as Starlink in If. It has to be there SpaceX satellite internet looking for a new boss. Previously, the Indian government had from further Satellite internet pre-orders not recommendedbecause Starlink is still no license has solved. This is another setback for Starlink in India, as it has to give money back to the previous 5000+ pre-orders.

Italian investigators have one Sicilian mafia boss before his arrest in December, too thanks to Google Maps did. The investigators discovered him in a picture from a small Spanish town that showed him in front of a fruit and vegetable stand. They suspected him to be in the town near Madrid. After the police Google Street View with a picture of a nearby eatery social media had combined the mafioso who worked as an Italian cook was discovered: Italian investigators discover fleeting Mafioso on Google Maps.

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