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Thursday: ISS gets new landing stage, tech employees in China have had enough

The International Space Station ISS has already experienced a few breakdowns this year, but will shortly receive a new module for an extended landing stage. Russia has now launched it by missile. The protest of young employees in the Chinese high-tech industry against long working hours is also ongoing, albeit in a rather subtle manner – the most important messages in brief.

At the International Space Station should in the future be up to five Russian spaceships dock at the same time can. One rocket with the module called “Pritschal” (Landing stage) took off on Wednesday from the Baikonur spaceport in the steppes of Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Of the Flight to the ISS should take a good two days. Then the space station ISS gets a new module.

While the astronauts on the ISS get more work with the new module, many want to Employee in the Chinese tech industry work less. Because the rule there is “996“: Work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. But more and more young employees don’t want any more. It stirs Protest, which is meanwhile also carried out in public: How burnt-out Chinese tech workers want to fight back.

There are also complaints in France, but about that Online shopping platform These have been increasing for years. The French government has now confirmed that many were displaced there Products more than questionable are and draw consequences. Random checks of articles had shown that many products were found to be not compliant with the law or even dangerous prove. This is why France is removing from search engines.

These are not complaints directly, but almost 40 percent of those surveyed by the ADAC Electric car driver are with the Long haul loading not particularly satisfied. On her wish list are next to that Expansion of the charging network “A simplification of the processes, more reliable charging stations as well as lower prices and faster charging”. The actual Survey by the ADAC found: Fast charging of electric cars has too many hurdles.

As exotic at the charging station, you could have a MG electric car describe. The MG brand was not heard from for decades until it reactivated in China became. Instead of a purist roadster, the trademark now adorns modern ones Electro-SUV from the largest automobile country in the world. The is fresh in the European program MG Marvel R Electric AWD. The conclusion of the driving report: Unknown, but successful.

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