Thursday: McAfee death, electricity mix calculation error, Delta Corona & bicycle traffic plan

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Thursday: McAfee death, electricity mix calculation error, Delta Corona & bicycle traffic plan

While John McAfee dies in a Spanish prison, a debate has broken out among scientists about the carbon footprint of electric cars. The delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is on the advance. The national cycling plan submitted by the federal government met with divided opinions in the Bundestag’s transport committee.

The keyboard manufacturer Cherry has to be satisfied with a lower than expected issue price for its shares when it goes public. Consumer advocates, on the other hand, warn against overly aggressive sales employees who market fiber optic connections on house doors and by telephone. The most important of the day in brief.

John McAfee is dead. The software developer and antivirus pioneer was found dead in a prison cell in Barcelona on Wednesday. Hours before his death, a Spanish court approved McAfee’s extradition to the United States. McAfee was 75 years old. The cause of his death is currently being investigated.

Like the person McAfee is controversial Electric car carbon footprint. A professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and his colleagues have accused the EU Commission of a fundamental calculation error in an open letter. A professor at TU Dortmund University criticizes the accusation and describes the letter as extremely embarrassing. The alleged calculation error in the electricity mix leads to a dispute over the carbon footprint of electric cars.

However, it is undisputed that the contagious Delta-Variant of Coronavirus is also on the advance in Germany – despite the overall falling corona numbers. It was to be expected that the mutation, which was first discovered in India, would have spread in many parts of Germany. In view of the development of the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virologist Christian Drosten advocates increasing awareness of the importance of vaccination.

However, there are different opinions about the National Cycling Plan 3.0, which was presented by the federal government in April. The Union parliamentary groups in the Bundestag’s transport committee call it a “super thing”. On the other hand, for the representatives of the Greens, the National Cycling Plan acts like an “unfinished to-do list of the Ministry of Transport” at the end of the legislative period.

Not at the end, but at the beginning Keyboard manufacturer Cherry – during his stock market career. The shares won’t start trading in Frankfurt until next week, but Cherry will have to settle for a lower share price than hoped for its IPO. Because the issue price of the shares from keyboard manufacturer Cherry ends up in the lower range.

On the other hand, sales employees who Offer fiber optic connection contracts. This is not always appropriate. The consumer advice center Rhineland-Palatinate warns of representatives who are selling fiber optic connections at the front door or by telephone. There have been increasing complaints lately about overly aggressive fiber optic sales. Consumers shouldn’t allow themselves to be put under pressure.

Also important:

    • IT and media associations are raging against the obligation to pre-install porn and youth protection filters on end devices after a reform of the youth media protection treaty of the federal states provides for these filters in operating systems.
    • In Munich on Thursday in court the album “Die Hit-Giganten: The best hits of all times” will be negotiated (Az 33 O 6490/21). Because Sony Music has exclusive rights to certain original recordings, some hits were re-recorded. The Sony Music doesn’t like it at all.


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