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Thursday: no password, Astro-Pi, deepfake app & switch update

After Microsoft introduced the login without a password in the corporate customer area, this function is now available to everyone. This should make the Microsoft account more secure, all you need is a cell phone. The Astro Pi competition, on the other hand, is intended for young programmers. Teenagers can use it to bring their Raspi programs into space – the most important messages at a glance.

Microsoft has been offering business customers and administrators the Ability to do without passwords. Now this is also possible for private users. Users can forget their Microsoft password and authenticate themselves to the services with a smartphone app or other access checks such as a fingerprint scanner, because Microsoft enables the account without a password for everyone.

Without registration, on the other hand, the programs developed by young people for the should work Astro Pi competition the European Space Agency ESA and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The programs are designed to run on a Raspberry Pi run and Collect data in space. The scripts are executed on board the ISS for 30 seconds. With the Astro Pi competition, Raspi programs for children and young people come into space.

On the other hand, one is intended for an adult audience App that creates deepfake porn from an uploaded facial image can be. All you need is the picture and a click on the website button. The newly surfaced deepfakes application goes further than revenge porn. Even if the results aren’t perfect, the consequences for women are devastating when the AI ​​app inserts women’s faces into porn.

It continues playfully with the Nintendo Switchthat after a Update to version 13.0.0 now also with Bluetooth headphones can be used. For some gamers, this function comes very late – the console has been in its first version since 2017 and quite a few people have longed for this option. The cable clutter could be less after the latest update if the switch now allows the use of Bluetooth headphones.

As a mobile game console with an integrated battery, the Switch was hardly of the same size Power failure in Dresden affected, but the companies there. Two days later, the chip manufacturer runs Infineon production starts again. It will take some time until production is back to full capacity, they say. The power failure also affects the semiconductor manufacturers in Dresden, but the semiconductor manufacturer that is not far away Globalfoundries has two own energy supply centers – independent of the public grid.

Today it takes place in Berlin Basecamp of the “Digital Masterminds” for the digital transformation of man and machine as Hybrid-Event instead, which is broadcast as a live stream on YouTube. There, a futurist and a member of the German Ethics Council speak and discuss intelligent implants that give bodies new capabilities.

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