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Thursday: YouTube deletion, Virgin approval, VW small e-cars & Microsoft Store

After YouTube had previously deleted the Russian broadcaster RT DE, the video platform is now taking action against lies about vaccinations. Posts with falsehoods about vaccines and vaccinations will be deleted. Virgin Galactic, on the other hand, has received approvals for further flights and numerous apps for the new Microsoft store – a brief overview of the most important messages.

Anyone wanting to make false claims about vaccinations or vaccines is up YouTube no longer welcome. The Google subsidiary is already tightening the existing terms of use medical disinformation after and now expressly forbids vaccination plowing. With so many videos continuously uploaded, it will be a few days before the new rules take effect for everyone after YouTube bans lies about vaccinations.

The rocket company was only banned for a short time Virgin Galactic, because it is now generally allowed start again. During the maiden flight with company founder Richard Branson on board, the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft left the approved test area on its return to Earth. That led to a temporary one Start ban and one investigation by the US aviation authority, which also criticized a lack of communication. The investigation is now complete and Virgin Galactic is allowed to fly again after the airspace violation.

Not flying, but wanting to let go Volkswagen his ID.Life, the successor to the battery-electric triplets VW e-Up, Skoda Citigo iV and Seat Mii electric, of which VW cannot supply enough. The production capacities will be exhausted by the planned end of the series, none of the three brands is accepting orders at all. The Successor ID.Life is so far only available as study, but we could Test drive with the ID.Life company that shows VW’s future small car strategy.

A new strategy is also driving Microsoft with his new store in Windows 11. There were numerous new applications announcedwhen the new operating system version will be available in October 2021. These include popular communication programs, media players and even free office packages. In the next few months, the Epic Games Store and Amazon App Store are also expected to come to the new Microsoft Store. Then the new Microsoft Store should also be available in Windows 10.

While the new Microsoft Store is more Diversity offers, this is also done in Teams of programmers required. Developers often asked “very homogeneous groups“explained a design researcher with a focus on participatory design at the Informatik 2021 conference. This is particularly important when designing algorithmic systems historical data are used, the Discrimination reproduced even more strongly. That is why socially sustainable IT needs more diverse development teams and fresh data.

the digitalization is also the theme of the weekly #heiseshow this Thursday at 12 noon. Of the Exit the Deutsche Telekom from the De-Mail has given the encrypted e-mail service some attention again. Among other things, the service should facilitate communication with authorities. However, there is no legal obligation for administrations to have De-Mail access and so some departments cannot be reached via De-Mail or reply on paper. In the #heiseshow we will discuss whether De-Mail makes it clear where there is a problem with digitization in this country: De-Mail, Telekom and the sad state of digitization.

Also important:

  • Canada will celebrate the new for the first time on Thursday Day of Truth and Reconciliation as a national holiday. The victims of the residential schools, which were operated from the second half of the 19th century to 1996, are commemorated. In these “schools”, native children were forcibly kept away from their parents in order to remove the children from the cultural influence of their respective people.
  • The Swiss mobile and fiber optic network operator Salt (formerly Orange) is postponing its IPO indefinitely. That reports Bloomberg citing the initiated.
  • The OLG Munich ruled on Thursday whether the website of the city of Munich is too press-like, as some newspaper publishers complain.
  • 50 years ago today the German freedom broadcaster 904, a propagandistic secret broadcaster of the GDR broadcasting to the Federal Republic, ceased operations.


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